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November 17, 2000 - Glitter Films #6


One More Fine Line Facsimile by Reed O'Beirne, 3:56 min, Super 8

Axe Murderer by Markus Krieg, 1:05 min, Super 8

The Puzzle by Barbara Ireland, 3:55 min, Super 8

Seance by Ben Ireland, 4:01 min, Super 8

Bovine Vendetta by Bob Judd, 2 min, Hi8/Computer Animation

Down by Bob Judd, 2 min, Hi8/Computer Animation

Halloween Nighmare by Alan Watkins, 15:40 min, Super VHS

Frank's Monday by Michael Connor, 1 min, 16mm

Universe of Sound by Jim Haverkamp, 7:20 min, Super 8

Twister by Deena Denaro, 4 min, 16mm

Doomsday Grocer by Michael Connor, 3 min, DV?

The Manipulators by Andrew Jeffrey Wright & Clare E. Rojas, 2 min, 16mm

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