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Film Links that We Dig the Most

AMC - Great programs like Cinema Secrets and Real to Reel on American Movie Classics.

A/V Geeks - A way cool monthly screening of 16mm educational films in Raleigh and Durham, NC.

Cucalorus - One very awesome film fest in Wilmington, NC. We love going to it every year.

Film Nite - Another cool alternative cinema screening in downtown Wilmington, NC.

Flicker Austin - The newest flicker festival to hit the planet using small gauge (Super 8, 16mm, and pixelvision) film in Austin, TX.

Flicker Chapel Hill - Our favorite bimonthly small gauge (Super 8, 16mm, and pixelvision) film festival in Chapel Hill, NC. Fantastic!!!

Flicker Richmond - Another cool bimonthly small gauge (Super 8, 16mm, and pixelvision) film festival in Richmond, VA.

Flicker - Scott Stark's great listing of all things related to independent filmmaking including alternative cinemas. Highly recommended!!!!

Media Men's Super8.1.2000 - Raleigh's contribution to the global super 8 event. Be sure to check the link to Zingomar as well.

NC Visions - Premiere public television showcase for North Carolina independent filmmakers.

Tarheel Films - A place for filmmakers, actors, script writers, cinematographers, and other film related people to find out about things on film in North Carolina. Sweet....

Small Movies - Probably the best designed site for information on small gauge filmmaking.

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