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February 5, 2001 - Glitter Films #13


Georgie Porgie by Benjamin Meyer, 23 min, 16mm

Tangerine Crows by Joseph Christopher Schaub, 3 min, miniDV

A Fairly Nice Day by Russell Walls 4 min Super 8

Dud by Steve Daniels, 4 min, Super 8

Hot Rod Circuits Flight 89 by Gorman Bechard, animated digital pics

Canine by Amie Robinson, 3 min, animation

Suburbia Stingray by Kirk Adam, 4:30 min, Super 8

The Bootlegger by Bo Price, 13 min, Super 8

Ridin' High by Cory Ryan & Doug Ferguson, 2:10 min, Super 8

I Let Go by Shannon Owens, 2:30 min, 16mm

Double Study in Wonder Women by Donal Thulhuber, 4:20 min, Super 8

Strip Mall Trilogy by Roger Beebe, 9 min, Super 8

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